Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello World - Release 2

This  is my second take on blogging - my first attempt was back in 2007, in a small attempt which didn't take too long to diminish into oblivion.. 
So maybe I'll call that attempt a spike and this time is just release 1?

So what's different this time?
At the time I was working as a programmer, learning Agile methods and specifically TDD. 
These days I'm working as a Project Manager, am a Certified Scrum Master and am still enthusiastic about agile.
I spend half my time being a scrummaster, half being a PO, another half managing projects and half coaching other people into agile methods and practies. Hmm.. too many halves... Let's call them Ideal-Halves and settle that I must have a pretty good focus-factor.

Apart from that, I had 1 kid and now have three, I used to practice agile with my dog and now get to practice it on my family, I'm slowly heading towards finishing my coaching course and hopefully will be settling into a permenant home soon. I've cut my hair and grown a beard. I'm still learning new things and gaining new insights.

So all in all I guess I've gotten a bit older, maybe a bit wiser, and still have a burning need and enthusiasm to rant and share my thoughts and experience about agile.

So here goes.. Hello world R2 - may the Shwartz be with me!

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